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The JF015E is a light-duty transmission used primarily by Nissan for small cars. Jatco JR403 Tech Tips. The Jatco JR403E transmission is a computer controlled transmission found in 1988 thru 1998 Isuzu NPR,NQR trucks, GMC, Chevrolet W3500/W4500 trucks, Nissan UD trucks, and Mitsubishi Fuso trucks with diesel engine. Nissan subsidiary Jatco supplies many of the world’s automakers with CVT transmissions.

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The 5R05, also called RE5R05A (Nissan part), JR507E/JR509E (Jatco part) or TG5C/TG5D "5EAT" (Subaru part), is a Jatco 5-speed automatic transmission, released in 2002, used in rear wheel drive or 4X4 vehicles with longitudinal engines.It shares little to nothing in common with the older 5R01 transmission. Specifications ATF. Its OEM ATF is the Original NISSAN ATF Matic J, for worldwide The transmission manufacturer Jatco will produce up to 400,000 units per year at the new factory, making its CVT (continuously variable transmission) for gasoline and hybrid vehicles. 2014-04-01 There is an excellent and long two part video on YouTube of a guy that did a failure analysis on the JATCO CVT in his wife's Nissan Rogue that failed after 180Kmiles. Apparently, he got a rebuilt one and this was his $800 core. I was surprised at JATCO has the largest market share on a global basis for continuously variable transmissions (CVT). JATCO will continue to carry out all kinds of technological development for CVT and AT to contribute to providing users with improved fuel efficiency and a more comfortable driving performance, including research and development for the improvement of performance, the optimal synchronization between transmissions … JATCO Ltd (Japanese: ジヤトコ株式会社, Hepburn: Jatoko Kabushiki-gaisha), abbreviated from "Japan Automatic Transmission COmpany", is a company that manufactures automatic transmissions for automobiles.. Contents.

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In this article we’ll cover the Jatco CVT transmissions, and look at some ways to make this a winner for your shop. Finding information has been a bit of a problem but it’s getting easier every day. Repairing Jatco’s JF011E CVT B y now, most of you have run into the Jatco Continuously Variable Transmission, or CVT. Getting the parts is becoming less of a problem, and bearings, solenoids, and stepper motors are now available. The Jatco CVT comes in many different makes and models and it isn’t going anywhere soon.

Jatco transmission

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Jatco transmission

Jatco. 82800D. Produktnr: 82800D. 16,66 € · 78800B.

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Jatco transmission

1969–1989 L3N71B — First Jatco-developed 3-speed. 1983–1987 L4N71B/E4N71B — 4-speed light/medium duty (aka Mazda N4A-EL) 1988–2001 RL4R01A/RE4R01A — 4-speed light/medium duty (aka Mazda R4A-EL) RE4R03A/JR403E/RG4R01A — 4-speed.

JATCO Ltd, a Nissan affiliate, launched its Mexican arm and its first plant outside Japan – in 2003. Since then, JMEX, as the new company is called, has been a prime producer of the unique Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Lori Robertson reports on the company’s quick start and fluid ride of the CVT. Transmission for Hybrid Vehicles JATCO is developing transmissions with automakers that maximize the performance of hybrid vehicles.

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Variable Transmission (CVT). The 2007 Jeep Compass, Patriot, and Dodge Caliber come equipped with an option-al CVT produced by JATCO. According to a local Dodge dealership, they can’t keep the CVT Calibers in stock. This dealer sold the first fifty Calibers with-in a month and is anxiously waiting for more. This CVT isn't new technology; The 5R05, also called RE5R05A (Nissan part), JR507E/JR509E (Jatco part) or TG5C/TG5D "5EAT" (Subaru part), is a Jatco 5-speed automatic transmission, released in 2002, used in rear wheel drive or 4X4 vehicles with longitudinal engines.