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Their colors range from jet black to brown, gold, gray, yellow and orange. Some specimens are almost uni-colored where most have the typical Candoia blotching and banding. Candoia aspera (Nieuw Guinea Grond boa or viperboa) Candoia Gray, 1842 – Keel-scaled Boas, Bevel-nosed Boas : Species: Candoia aspera (Günther, 1877) Direct Children: Subspecies: Candoia aspera aspera (Günther, 1877) Subspecies: Candoia aspera schmidti (Stull, 1932) Candoia species Candoia aspera Name Synonyms Candoia aspera aspera Candoia aspera schmidti (Stull, 1932) Enygrus asper Boulenger, 1893 Enygrus asper schmidti Stull, 1932 Erebophis aspera Günther, 1877 Homonyms Candoia aspera (Günther, 1877) Product Description SCIENTIFIC NAME: Candoia aspera aspera You May Also Like Madagascar Ground Boa (Acrantophis madagascariensis) Candoia aspera Viper boas, aka New Guinea ground boas, are the most well known species of Candoia in the herpetological world and are commonly found throughout their range. They are found on their namesake island, New Guinea, on Irian Jaya, and on hundreds of islands off the shore of Indonesia.

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Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now! Viper Boas are a wonderful species of snake to look at. They are very robust, with tough 'keeled' scales and an arrow like head.

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2014: 147 Candoia aspera aspera — REYNOLDS & HENDERSON 2018: 24 Candoia aspera, (Gunther, 1877) Physical characteristics: The Candoia aspera is a relatively small boa species. On average this snake will only get about 60cm, individuals of 80-100cm are a big exception. The scales are strongly coarse/keeled and they have a stocky physique and the tail is relatively short - only 7-8% of the total length.

Candoia aspera

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Candoia aspera


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Candoia aspera

van Riel, Dr. Struyckenstraat 87,. 4812 BB Breda. Contents: Distribution - Biotope - Food - My. Picture of a new guinea ground boa (Candoia aspera) Previous Next. LIFE SPAN : 6 - 10 years. Common Name: New Guinea ground boa.

Significant differences were found between head and body thermal preferenda values with either grouped data or between specimens in C. carinata and B Viper Boa Health care (Candoia Aspera Aspera) Candoia aspera.
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1. 2. 3. 3. Candoia carinata. celebesboa.